Giulia Achenza likes horses in Bèla Tarr movies and the oniric solitude in Lanthimos ones.


Giulia was born and grew up in Olbia in Sardinia. She studied Fashion at IED Institute and graduated in 2014.
“Leakage”, the video which was the core of her graduate thesis, won the first edition of Milano Fashion Film Festival as “Best Italian Fashion Film”. After she worked with many different brands and magazines. She in addiction to her career as a director has taught in Naba and in Ied university in Milan.


Her style can be defined as dreamy and realistic at the same time; women through her lens are treated as subjects instead of objects transcending the boundaries of classic and gestaltic dichotomy of voyeurism.


T. +39 320 143 0182
E. giuliaachenza1@gmail.com
IG. Chenzia_


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Credits: studio Fond