Protect for The post-her

Credits: DIRECTOR’S NAME: Giulia Achenza, PRODUCTION COMPANY: Basement/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Italy/LANGUAGE: Italian sub-titles English/MUSIC: Spazio HD, An ode to the beast by Christaux/CAST: Aomi Muyock, Silvia Degrandi, Valerio Maccario/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessandro Ubaldi/STYLIST: Francesca Cisani/HAIR: Luigi Morino/MAKE-UP: Serena Congiu

SYNOPSIS : Inspired by Don De Lilllo’s novella Body Art, Olympia tells the story of a body artist and her husband. Starting their life together as a married couple in their new home, everything carries on as normal until the day Olympia receives tragic news, leading her into an unexpected journey into herself.


  • Short to the Point- Winner – Best Fashion Short
  • Short Film Factory- Winner – Best Fashion Short
  • St. Francis College Women’s Film Festival-Winner – Best Experimental
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival-Winner – Gold – Best Dance Short Film Winner – Bronze – Best Colourist Nominated – Best Cinematography
  • Hyperwave Film Awards- Winner – Short Film Experimental/Dance
  • Redline International Film Festival- Winnner – Best Experimental, Best Cinematography
  • Rolling ideas-Winnner – Short Film Promotion and Trailer Promotion
  • Venus Italian International Film Festival- Finalist – Director Short
  • Kino London presents “The People’s Film Festival”– Finalist – Low Budget Film
  • Seattle Fashion Film Festival- Nominated – Best Acting Ensemble
  • CineMoi-Nominated – Best Cinematography
  • David di Donatello- Selected to be considered
  • Berlin Fashion Film Festival/Berlin Commercial- Selected
  • Bucharest Fashion Film Festival- Selected
  • Tryon International Film Festival – TRYON19- Selected
  • GRRL HAUS CINEMA- Selected
  • Short Film Filmmakers Showcase- Selected
  • Istanbul Fashion Film Festival- Selected
  • Not Film Fest- Selected
  • A Shaded View on Fashion Film- Selected
  • LIFFT INDIA- Selected
  • VAEFF- Selected
  • YFrames- Selected
  • Athens Fashion Film Festival- Selected
  • Femme Filmmakers Festival- Selected
  • Flick Fair- Selected